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24 Hour Play Festival

Spring '18 Play Descriptions

How to Change the World

by Carolyn Palumbo

How to Change the World is a story of four strangers coming together. This play brings you along the journey in which these strange people overcome their fears and faults. Together they survive. Life is a cycle unless forced to change it and each person is forced to change – to an extent. A simple princess grows into an independent queen. A depressed pirate becomes a loving honest man. An isolated bad-ass changes into a friendly defender. A confused man ends up knowing the answers to everything. These people, forced to change themselves because of an untimely hurricane join together -- some in matrimony -- and learn to live a different life. In an outrageous way, these characters learn that life will be the same cycle of events unless someone takes a stand to change them. And that this can simply be done by changing your perspective. A tiny princess, pathetic pirate, lonely warrior, and an odd man change the world, just by changing each other’s worlds.

Where We Want to Go

by Christina E. Levi

A comedy that explores where you are in life, where you would like to be, and how sometimes a vacation is just what you need. Luna and Gemma, two sisters, are enjoying a nice autumn evening in their backyard. Their next-door neighbor, Toby, who happens to be an aspiring banana farmer but full-time PE teacher joins them. What occurs next could best be described as a typical neighborly. Luna and Toby subtly flirt. Toby goes off on a rant about how Four-Square is banned and parents complain about their kids running the mile. Gemma expresses her dream to one day have her very own candle business. Did I mention that Luna can do a rather good Kermit the Frog impression and Toby has some mad freestyle rap skills especially when expressing his love about his bananas? In the end with the help of Gemma and an unfortunately timed “I love you” from Toby in a Mrs. Piggy’s voice to Luna, Luna only has one course of action left to do. Because after all, the best way to avoid an awkward situation is to sing Kokomo by The Beach Boys.

Mothers, Clementines, Mark and Antarctica

by Olivia LeSuer

Mothers, Clementines, Mark and Antarctica is a one act play about womanhood and citrus fruit. It follows the story of Clarissa, a young woman who has a breakdown while attempting to rob a grocery store with a bottle of lotion after finding her boyfriend cheating. She is comforted by clerks Mark (her Mom was supposed to pick a girls name and didn't) and conspiracy theory enthusiast Judy. The show mainly focuses on women's relationships to one another. What things we have in common and what things set us apart.  The show uses absurdity and humor to accomplish this. Judy encourages Clarissa to call her Mom. Clarissa does and her Mom doesn't answer. Just as she goes to leave she receives a call from her mother. The show ends with her answering her phone. "Pineapple and Sydney, Australia

Pineapple and Sydney, Austrailia

by Eva Diodati

A comedy based around lies and dance, the story follows an evening at the Diktatura Khrushchev Dance Studio for dance instructor Charlotte "Charley" Peters. Charley has just gone through an awful divorce and is hoping her boss, Diktatura Khrushchev (no relation), will give her a job as head of Diktatura's new studio opening in Sydney, Australia. Diktatura decides to sit in on Charley's next student lesson to see if Charley is able to deal with the pressures of running her own studio. Enter Trevor "Trev" Chisolm for his free introductory lesson. Trev cannot dance, he is about to be married, and his fiance has no idea. He wants Charley to teach him how to dance well enough for the wedding night, something that may prove impossible. Although she is "not here," Diktatura cannot stop herself from stepping in to help. When Trev's fiance, Paulette Smythe soon-to-be Paulette Smythe-Chisolm, walks into the studio for her free introductory lesson things take a turn from bad to worse. Is Charley going to be able to keep secrets from spilling out and is she ever going to get to Australia? Will Trev and Paulette learn to waltz? Will Diktatura ever shut-up? And how will a hula-hoop save the day?

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