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Executive Board Nominees
Secretary and Historian



Matt Dudley


Hey guys! My name is Matt Dudley, and I am a sophomore studying Information Systems & Technology. I am thrilled to be running for the Historian position for the Red Masquers. As the historian, it would be my job to document all Red Masquer events and then showcase them through a scrapbook at the end of the school year. I feel that I am a strong choice for this position due to my experience with social media and the theater. I ran my high school theater department’s Instagram, and I am currently an assistant chair for the Ad/PR department of the Red Masquers. In these positions, I have created a variety of advertisements and found ways to capture special moments for the cast and crew in a variety of productions. Most recently, I oversaw the social media campaign for 1,000 Airplanes on The Roof. Taking a show that no one has heard of and turning it into a show that people wanted to see was a difficult process but looking back I feel that I have grown as a creator and strive to use my skills to aid this organization. Scrolling through the Masquer’s Instagram (@duqredmasquers follow us!!!!!!) and looking at the 1,000 Airplanes content is a strong example of my commitment and work. Throughout my time with the Red Masquers, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know most of you who are reading this. Every single one of you has inspired me with your commitment to this organization and the way you all are willing to throw yourself in, all simply because you love making art. You deserve a board that will recognize your commitment and put your art in the spotlight it deserves. Whether you are belting the house down in Mamma Mia! or running around looking for props, you deserve to have a voice in this organization. Looking at the list of individuals running for next year’s board, I am confident that this organization will continue to grow; I would be honored to be a part of that image. If you have any questions or just want to chat, do not hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to talk to you :) 

Stephanie Cairns


Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Cairns and I am currently a freshman majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations and Business. I’ve taken photos for the Red Masquers all semester and was in Mamma Mia. I would be a good fit because I have lots of PR experience. I am looking to be more involved with the club!

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Rachel Lewandowski


Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Lewandowski, I’m a freshman, and I am currently pursuing a BA in Music as well as a secondary degree in Theater Arts. I am honored and excited to be one of your nominees for secretary for this upcoming election. I have been involved in theatre my whole life and it has been an escape and comfort for me in some of my darkest times and the Red Masquers have given me a home during a time in my life where I have felt alone and have given me a family and a space to welcome me at anytime. The job of a secretary is to take notes at a meeting and be a correspondence between all parties in an organization. I am a studious note taker and have served in leadership positions in high school, including serving as president of my high school’s chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. As the president I was responsible for a multitude of jobs, many of which have provided me with skills needed in a secretary, such as note taking and outreach skills. I am also an organized person and recognize the importance of needing organization with the position of secretary. Interestingly enough, I have experience with delivering news and information in a timely manner as I was apart of student news in high school and believe these skills will aid in the position of secretary as one of the jobs of the secretary in the Red Masquers is to send out the emails with information whenever it needs to be done. I like to think that I am personable and work well with people as over the course of the year I have helped many people in many different positions and believe I will work well with anyone that is elected to the board. I have many ideas for ways we can improve the organization and to bring in new members as well as retaining our current members and ideas to make us well known within campus and the Pittsburgh area as we are the oldest amateur theater group in Pittsburgh. In times of crisis I will always be one of the first to come forward and rise to any challenges presented to me and my fellow students, and will be there to support my fellow board members in whatever may be presented to us during these strange times. My ultimate goal is to better the image of the Red Masquers and to continue to make us an organization of inclusiveness and to show the same level of welcoming that was shown to me when I first stepped into the Genesius Theatre. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I am excited for what the future has to offer for us as an organization and will be here to offer my support in any way that I can.

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