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Executive Board Nomination Speeches


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Hi all! My name is Ellie Troiani and I am campaigning to be your Red Masquers President for the 2024-25 school year. I am a double major in History and Theater Arts, a minor in Women and Gender Studies, and earning my Public History Certificate. I served as your 2023-24 VP, your Props Chair since 2022, and have been an active member of the Red Masquers since 2021. I've had such a fulfilling time being a part of this organization and hope to continue providing similar experiences to returning and new members alike!


As your president, I will be dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment that allows students to have a fabulous experience working with the Masquers, whether that be onstage as an actor, or offstage as a designer. I have found that one of the most rewarding aspects of this organization is having an active hand in different aspects of a theatrical production. I would continue to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone in this organization, and not be afraid to ask your peers for help when you get lost. I will always be an ear to those who need help on and off the stage. 


One of the main duties of the office of President is to maintain contact with other on campus organizations and events. I already am an active participant in this as your Vice President. I was the main contact with the Admissions Office to organize the Masquers involvement in Bring Your Child to Work Day 2024. I will continue maintaining and making these connections as your President. 


Another large aspect of the Presidency is being a figurehead for the organization. I already am in the theater a decent amount of time due to classes and Chair duties and will continue to be there this upcoming year as well. I enjoy so greatly getting to know all of our Masquers, new or returning, and hope to be someone that you can turn to if you need help, or just someone you know you can wave to on A-Walk. I will make it a point to make everyone feel welcome and included in this organization, because I know what it feels like to be in a new and sometimes scary situation. Know I will try to the best of my abilities to look out for you, in a big sister type way :). I love this organization and all it has to offer and thank you for considering me for the position of your President.


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Hello lovely people, my name is Makenzie Barchiesi and I am running for your 2024-25 Vice President of the Red Masquers! I have been an active member of the Masquers since fall of 2022, participating in shows such as Spongebob the Musical, Medea, and I even stage managed one New Works' production, and more! I love the theater and everything about it from acting to being behind the scenes and controlling the lights. I especially love the Red Masquers, who hold a very special place in my heart. As your future VP, I will help keep all the chairs in the loop with theater related objects, such as future productions and meetings, as that is one of my skills, I am very much a people person! It is my goal in the upcoming year to give guidance to those who need it as well as assisting the other members of the executive board with any task they would need. I have experience with all that I mentioned above, being one of the Assistant House Chairs, which requires that I communicate with people in a timely manner, which I will do with anyone if they need it! I hope you choose me to be your 2024-25 Vice President of the Red Masquers! Thank you!

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Hello!! I’m Rachel Potts and I’m running for Vice President on the Red Masquers Executive Board for the 2024-2025 school year. A bit about me, I’m a Theater Arts & English double major with a minor in film, my favorite drink is Kool Aid, and this one you know: I’m running for Vice President!! The Vice president is responsible for overseeing the production chairs, aiding in the scheduling and happenings of board meetings and tabling events, and assisting the President in any other way fitting. 

I believe I’m a good fit for the position because I try to work collaboratively whenever possible to create and have new opportunities and experience for others. Every member of the Red Masquers community works hard, and I want to be right up next there with the board helping guide us to the next amazing memories we will make together. I want to make everyone feel welcome and safe, as well as be able to share the experiences with new and current members of the organization. In the past two years I've dipped my toes into each production department, working as a stage manager, actor, designer, propmaster, and more. By doing this I've had the pleasure of taking time to learn and appreciate all the hard work each does behind the scenes. I hope to take this knowledge and use it to foster communication on productions and help wherever a helping hand is needed. 

This organization has given me some of the best friends I ever met, the best memories I ever made, and I want to give back to it and all its members. Each day I feel I get to learn or experience something new. I am so excited for everything the next year brings and hope I can be an even bigger part of this theater. If you think I'm the right fit, I'd be honored to be your 2024-2025 Red Masquers Vice President.



Hi Everyone! My name is Rachel Lewandowski, some of you already know me but for those who don’t I’m a Junior and I am majoring in Theatre Arts with a minor in Music! I am so ecstatic and honored to have been nominated for Secretary for the Red Masquers Executive Board. I served as the Secretary for the Red Masquers Executive Board during the 2022-2023 School Year. I enjoyed my time on the Executive Board, especially as the Secretary and would be honored to be on the Executive Board again for my final year in the Red Masquers. I possess many of the skills that are needed as the Secretary as I have demonstrated in the past. I am organized and detailed when it comes to note-taking as I have made detailed notes of production meetings, as well as being organized to teach theatre classes. In the past year, I have worked with several theatre companies in the Pittsburgh area and have gained new skills and strengths that I think would help benefit this position. I have gained more tactful skills in communicating with others in a professional sense that is ideal for this position. I understand the importance of punctuality, especially when it comes to deadlines. I also have experience in many aspects of theatre from acting to technical positions, to front of house staff, etc. that makes me a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual, especially in a position such as this. I have missed this building over the past year and want to spend as much of my senior year in the building that gave me so much solace and joy during my freshman year. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I am so excited for what the upcoming year will bring to the Red Masquers, and I very much hope to experience all the joys of the season with all of you as your Secretary! (and yes I am a fairy that photo of me is 100% real)​

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My name is Aubrey Posluszny, and I am running for the position of Red Masquers’ Secretary for the 2024-25 season. I believe I would make a good secretary as I like making detailed lists and keeping track of the important details of meetings and events. I would also be proactive in spreading the word about events and opportunities in the area so that every Masquer feels up to date and well informed about what’s going on in our corner of the theater community. As social chair, it would be a great opportunity to be able to plan events and get the word out in the same day so that everyone can come out and be a part of our events. I enjoy spending my time in the building and being up to date with what’s going on within the Masquers and helping out whenever/wherever I can. If I were secretary, keeping communication between the rest of the board and all of the Masquers and Alum and keeping everyone in the loop would be one of my top priorities as I think organizations run better when everyone is communicating and well informed about what’s going on. I truly believe I could help this organization become more unified through the position of secretary and I thank you for your consideration.


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Hello! My name is Alaina Beeler and I will be running for Historian for the Red Masquers. I believe that I am fit for this position, because the responsibilities of the Historian are printing and hanging the cast photos, as well as organizing a scrapbook and creating newsletters, and I have excellent organization and creative skills. I am also eager to step in to work with the directors whenever necessary.

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Julia Kadar is running for the position of Historian for the Red Masquers. She is a first year Theatre Arts major with a music minor. Her experience with the Red Masquers includes performing as Myra in Deathtrap, Margie in 1940s Radio Christmas Carol, Cherche in Premiers, and Judy in Ruthless. She also was an assistant sound designer for Medea. Julia is interested in being Historian because she wants to be more involved with the Red Masquers organization as it is a big part of her life already. She feels equipped to handle the duties being Historian calls for, including recording performances/activities done by the organization and working on the newsletter and scrapbook. Julia would be honored to become a board member for this organization and is ready to take on more responsibility for it.

All current Red Masquers will be able to vote on the 2024-2025 Executive Board through CampusLink. Check your email for more information!

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