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Executive Board Nominees
President & Vice President



Hey, Y’all!

(See what I did there? [I’ve been formally asked to apologize {Sorry}])

My name’s Anita Parrott and I couldn’t be more excited to run for President of this organization.

I hail from Texas (Yes, I know–Thank you for the condolences) and the Red Masquers are a huge part of the reason why Pittsburgh has become my home away from home. To be honest, coming to Duquesne,  I was afraid of pursuing acting and theater any further, and as soon as I stepped into the Genesius Theater for the first time I was reminded and emboldened by the people and the things they were creating, to be honest with myself about what I truly wanted out of this life. For that, I’m supremely grateful and that love I’ve found in all of this is the very reason that I’m running. 

I think that now more than ever we’re on the horizon of recovering from the damper that Covid has had us as a company. It’s a time for new ideas. A time for nourishing our members, letting them see their voices heard and putting them first. I know that I’ve felt that way, but I intend to do my best to make sure that every Masquer can say the same. My aim is to lift the organization as a whole by giving everyone a chance to be lifted in their own pursuits along the way. 

If you didn’t know, I play volleyball for Duquesne and it’s no secret that I thrive working with a team and collaborating with a wide variety of people. The sport has helped me develop leadership skills and a knack for effective communication. I’ve been playing volleyball for about ten years, but I’ve been doing theater even longer. It’s something I love very deeply and being President of the Red Masquers is really just you giving me the honor of pouring that love into this organization and the uniquely talented people that make it worth being a part of.


Anita Parrott

Victoria Kapfer


Hello. My name is Victoria Kapfer ( but feel free to call me Vic!) and I’m running to be the next President of the Red Masquers. I am an English Education major currently serving as the Secretary, Light Chair, and Work Study of the Red Masquers, and am looking forward to my fourth year at the Genesius Theater. Throughout each production during the past three years, I have gained an abundance of knowledge from my mentors and peers that I have been able to utilize both in the theater and in my personal life such as virtues of patience, communication, and dedication. These qualities have become an integral part of the Red Masquers throughout the past few years, but even more so during this past season. We did this through working together to produce a season that allowed us to return to the stage together. While we know the journey presented unexpected challenges and mistakes that were made throughout the course of the year, we continued to persist and put together an undoubtedly unforgettable year. After being a part of the Executive Board for this past year, I have been given the opportunity to assist in problem-solving throughout the season and organizing schedules for Spring Play in a Day and Premieres 45; these endeavors have helped me to feel prepared in running for this position. All this said, I am confident in my ability to be an integral part of the 2022-2023 Red Masquers Executive Board as President and work towards expanding the Red Masquer community while building a network of trust and support. Thank you for your consideration!


Susan Betten

Vice President


My name is Susan Betten and I am running for the position of vice president. The role of the vice president is to make sure that all department chairs and assistant chairs (lights, sound, props, etc.) are checked in on and given the guidance to be able to perform to the best of their ability. The vice president is also responsible for aiding the president and other board members with their responsibilities. I meet the requirements of this position as I have a year of experience in being the costume chair of the Red Masquers - but more importantly - I want to hold this position because I have seen first hand how the Covid-19 pandemic has created issues within departments of the theater, and I am determined to fix it.

The vice president should be well-informed on every department and understand how they function in order to make sure that department chairs have received the proper training and are performing their tasks up to par. I have personal experience and/or am well-informed on the responsibilities of all of our departments, and am able to communicate well with our chairs to make sure that all aspects of a show (lights, sound, props, costumes, social, ad/pr, hair & makeup, set, and house) are all on task and accounted for. 

The Red Masquers are extremely important to me, and since joining my freshman year, I have been involved in every single production, whether I'm acting, costume designing, helping with house, or directing. I know the names (and if you've been in one of the shows I've designed, probably your shoe size lol) of just about every person who has been involved in the last 2 years, and I am confident that no matter who is on the board with me, I'll be ready and willing to work together with them. Theater has always been a team effort, and this position is all about making sure we can all work together to put on amazing shows. I'm in the theater constantly, I understand the needs of the organization, I step up and help whenever I'm needed, and I am always checking in and listening to the concerns and needs of my fellow Masquers.

Next year is going to be an awesome season, and I can't wait to grow our organization and help create a culture within it that encourages us to work as a team. We put on great shows together when we care about and are supported by the people we're working with! Fostering an environment that promotes teamwork and support is essential to the position of vice president - and I am ready and willing to take on this responsibility.

Dori Shearer 

Vice President

Hello, my name is Dori Shearer, and for those of you who do not know me, I am a second year Pharmacy major.  I have been in the Red Masquers since my freshman year.  As much as I would love to be more involved as Vice President, I have neither the time nor the qualifications for it.  Therefore, I urge you to vote for Susie; she is amazing!!!!

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